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Anxiety can often feel overwhelming. Talking to a psychotherapist about what is troubling us can help us to cope with difficulties in your life. When we are brave enough to look at and confront all our difficult feelings in a compassionate and friendly way our anxiety often decreases, and our confidence and self-esteem increases.

Abuse / Trauma

Abuse is any mistreatment of another person. It can take many forms, such as physical, sexual, or emotional. Whether you have suffered abuse as a child, or whether you are currently in an abusive relationship, psychotherapy can help you to deal with this by witnessing your pain and together formulating a plan to help you feel safe again.


Are you or your child struggling with difficulties relating to autism? Receiving a diagnosis can bring up complex feelings; fear, loneliness, and maybe even some relief. Talking with a professional can help you unpack these feelings and find peace, so that you can give your child what they need; your love and understanding.

Sex and Sexuality

Talking about sex to our friends and family can feel intimidating. It can be so difficult to put into words how we are feeling, whether it is to do with sexual orientation, sex addiction or problems with sex in our current relationships. Talking to a psychotherapist can help us to work through feelings of shame and frustration in a safe, non-judgemental space.

Bereavement / Loss

Loss can take many forms, whether it is the death of a loved one, divorce, or the loss of our livelyhood, it can be incredibly difficult and can take time to mourn and process this loss. Psychotherapy can offer support through all stages of bereavement and loss, offering compassion and validating each stage of the grieving process.

relationship Issues

If you are struggling in your relationship or your relationship has recently broken down you may feel as though you are drowning in feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. When a relationship breaks down feelings of rejection, and abandonment can feel overwhelming. Talking to a psychotherapist can help us to understand why we are feeling as we are. This can give us a renewed sense of self-esteem and purpose in our lives.


When we suffer from depression it can feel as though life has lost its colour. This can feel frightening, and we often worry that we will never experience the joy that we once did. Talking to a psychotherapist can help you to find a path back to yourself, and through this find your way out of hopelessness. By being strong enough to look at all our difficult feelings, we often find a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

Body Image

Talking to a psychotherapist about body image difficulties or eating disorders can be incredibly helpful. Through the psychotherapeutic journey we can trace back where these difficulties originated and together make a plan to help you to see yourself as the beautiful person of value you really are, irrespective of your weight or appearance. When we can look at ourselves with tenderness and compassion we often find that the need to overeat or control our diet, falls away.

Self Worth

In our modern world of social media and perfectionism, issues of self-worth and assertiveness can be particularly challenging. Speaking with a psychotherapist about what these feelings feel like for us can be extremely beneficial. As we process our feelings, we begin to feel seen and heard. This often gives us an increased sense of confidence and an increased feeling of pride in who we are and what we stand for.

When we truly love ourselves we free ourselves from suffering

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